Monday, October 22, 2012

Greek and Roman Mythology MOOC: Week 4

I was a typical undergraduate student this week: totally swamped and preoccupied with no spare time to watch the videos or do a writing assignment.  I did end up watching the videos on Sunday afternoon and taking the quiz.  I got a perfect score but it felt pretty hollow since I hadn't done the reading and really didn't have the spare brain cells or time to write a very short essay.  Alas.  I am learning a lot about how to do a MOOC by being on the other side of the production.  I am enjoying this one very much.  One thing is pretty clear: short lectures, about 10 minutes long; and not too many of them.  I think there were about 90 minutes of lectures.  That is about right.  I take good notes and of course have read the Odyssey many times in the past.  Still, I am enjoying the fact that I am learning a lot about how to teach the text if I ever had to.  It's been invigorating to be on this side of things--and also a good reminder of how difficult it is for my students to juggle their own multiple obligations.  Like me, they prioritize and let slide what they can let slide. 

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