Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Online Rome: An Overview

At the moment, Online Rome is not publicly accessible.  There are various complicated reasons for this, mostly related to FERPA and the fact that we used UT's Canvas platform.  This means that one needs to be a UT System employee in order to access the course, for the time being.  I am working with the project manager to make at least some part of it publicly available.  I hope this will happen over the next month, once students are finished with the course.

In the meantime, if you are interested in the course design, take a look at this excellent Prezi put together by the course instructor, Dr. Steven Lundy.  The Prezi was for a presentation to the UT Classics Department, to familiarize them with the basic structure of the course as well as the function of different elements (and why various elements, like the weekly review sessions, seem to have been crucial to improving retention from about 80% in the fall semester to the low 90s in the spring semester (a stat which is right in line with f2f classes of 100+ students).

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