Saturday, September 22, 2012

Close-Captioning of Echo Lectures

One of the coolest elements of the pre-recorded Echo videos is the close-captioning feature.  Once we had a final cut of the content lectures, UT's Liberal Arts ITS department sent them out to be close-captioned (a not-inexpensive process).  This way, all of the videos are accessible to hearing-impaired students.  In addition, all students can keyword search the close-captioning of individual lectures.  This allows them to find specific places in the lectures and review a particular concept.  So, for instance, if they are sure what a term means, they only need to know what lecture to search in order to find my discussion of it.  They cannot do global searches (so, they cannot search for all mentions of Caesar in the lectures).  This is an amazing feature, and will be especially useful when they review for exams.  I will be very curious to learn more about how they are using the close-captioning to access and review content and, more generally, to increase their mastery of the material.

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