Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lecture Capture: The Student Perspective in December 2011

At the end of Fall 2011, Liberal Arts ITS at UT Austin conducted a survey to get feedback from students users about their experiences with the Echo360 lecture capture technology.  98% of my class responded to the survey (they were promised two extra credit points on the fourth midterm if the rate of response was greater than 95%).  The results were pretty interesting to me and I wanted to share them (my favorites were the students who recognized the way it might discourage class attendance; if I ever teach a typical lecture format again, I will put these quotes on the syllabus!).  The first number is for my class; the number in parentheses is the average for all classes using Echo360:

Did you access the lecture capture recordings during the fall 2011 semester?
Yes - 99.1% (84.8%)
No - 0.9% (14.7%)

Overall, I was satisfied with my experience using the lecture capture recordings.
Strongly agree - 51.6% (45.0%)
Agree - 41.2% (44.8%)
Neutral - 4.5% (7.3%)
Disagree - 0.9% (1.4%)
Strongly disagree - 1.8% (1.5%)

When did you primarily view/listen to the recordings? Check all that apply.
Same day as lecture - 17.2% (14.9%)
Same week as lecture - 59.7% (62.2%)
Shortly before exam - 76.9% (68.1%)

What was your main reason for viewing/listening to the recordings?
To review information after the lecture - 7.7% (10.0%)
To add more information to my notes - 6.3% (16.3%)
To prepare for an exam - 48.4% (37.3%)
To get information I missed when absent from class - 29.0% (31.5%)
Instead of seeking assistance from a TA or instructor - 0.5% (0.6%)

Viewing/listening to the lecture capture recordings helped me learn.
Strongly agree - 55.9% (51.8%)
Agree - 36.8% (40.0%)
Neutral - 5.5% (6.2%)
Disagree - 0.0% (0.5%)
Strongly disagree - 1.8% (1.5%)

Viewing/listening to the lecture capture recordings helped me understand the lecture content.

Strongly agree - 52.5% (49.7%)
Agree - 37.1% (40.7%)
Neutral - 7.7% (7.4%)
Disagree - 0.9% (0.9%)
Strongly disagree - 1.8% (1.4%)

If two sections of this course were offered with the same instructor, one with lecture capturing
and one without, which section would you take?

Section with lecture capture - 91.0% (83.5%)
Either - 8.6% (15.4%)
Section without lecture capture - 0.5% (1.2%)

Please provide any thoughts you have about lecture capturing. (here are some of their

I think this is a great tool for the classrooms! My professor adds a lot of content to
her lecture that isn't found directly on the powerpoint, so hearing her words
allowed me to copy down the extra details that are so important in this course.

The service is convenient for both the instructor and the students, however it may
result in a perverse incentive: not going to class.

I thought it was great. I would listen to them before the tests and all of the
information would be refreshed in my mind and I would do well on the tests.
Amazing tool, helps whether or not you attend lecture. University should not be
hesitant to expand the program just because of concerns about students skipping

Extremely useful if you didn't understand something, had to miss a day,
or simply wanted to review. Would love to see this offered in more classes

i loved the lecture capturing, it helped me review information that the professor
had rushed through during class.

It makes me NOT go to class. It's evil!

it is such an amazing tool that helps the most in times of need, both for the
student and the professor. I, as a student sometimes woke up late, or had a test
that same day that required more studying and being able to study an extra hour
and go back and playback the lecture is just like I didn't miss anything! For the
professor, when she isn't feeling her best she just recorded the lecture and
posted it up without having to go to the class, that way we don't miss a class and
fall behind on material either! Love this!

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